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Private Wealth

Bring Your Wealth to its Full Potential

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Private Wealth

Benefit from proven and comprehensive solutions customized to your needs and aspirations.

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At Visi Capital Indonesia, we believe a person’s legacy isn’t about being around forever, it’s about creating something that will.

Visi Capital Indonesia’s private wealth professionals are committed to enhancing and protecting your legacy now, for tomorrow.

We understand that client legacies are complex and need to change or scale over time. At every stage of life and business, our team offers tailored, sophisticated solutions. From planning, advisory and tax to wealth management services, we can help you overcome any challenge, year after year.

Family office services

Just as every family is unique, every family office’s needs are unique as well. Visi Capital Indonesia works with each family office to understand your goals and suggest solutions to meet and exceed them. Our specialists can help you not only structure but manage your family office with accounting, tax and wealth management services. We can assign a dedicated manager to your family office that will provide a concierge experience for a flat fee. Or, we can work with your existing advisors to supplement their efforts with any of our core family office services.

Wealth management

We know your life is measured in more than just numbers. That’s why Visi Capital Indonesia Wealth Management advisors take the time to get to know you and your financial goals. We want to see the full picture of your life and help you live it to the fullest.

Visi Capital Indonesia Wealth Management is our registered investment advisor, providing full-service private wealth management solutions. We offer investment consulting, retirement, concierge and insurance planning services to enhance and protect your personal wealth strategy. And, we have the business management and retirement planning services to propel your business forward, too.

Private wealth tax planning and compliance

Taxes are a certainty, but have you considered proactively optimizing your tax planning and compliance? Doing so can put you, your family members and your business in the best possible position to achieve your goals.

Our tax professionals work with our clients on all forms of individual tax compliance and planning. We cover individual income tax, estate taxes and state income tax. And we teach clients how to manage private foundations and endowments from a tax perspective.

Estate planning

Protecting your wealth for future generations is key to building your legacy. In addition to traditional estate planning services, we also offer tax analysis for domestic and international wealth transfer. And, we offer planning assistance for several areas, including charitable giving/foundations, special needs and incapacity and asset protection.

Family business advisory

Whether your family business has thrived throughout generations or is just starting out, Baker Tilly is here to help. Our family business advisors are knowledgeable in the unique benefits and challenges family businesses face. Rely on us for succession planning and next generation development, ownership transitions/exit planning, growth strategy, conflict management and M&A assistance.

Innovative solutions fuelled by curiosity and collaboration

Working across Visi Capital Indonesia’s varied service offerings to develop forward-thinking solutions for our high-net-worth clients is second nature for us. Our professionals constantly ask “what if …” and challenge themselves to suggest new solutions using our advanced capabilities and specialized services. Doing so allows us to address problems from new positions to help you protect your legacy.

A customized vision for the short- and long-term

Your legacy is a complex, ambitious quest to make an impact on those closest to you and on the world. We know your goals will shift and scale over time. We will adapt our approach to help you navigate potential pitfalls; you don’t stand still and neither do we. Let’s start now and help you realize your vision for now and in the future.

Relationships built on transparency and humanity

We commit to doing what’s right for you, not because we should, but rather we want to. We don’t avoid tough conversations, but rather embrace opportunities to grow and explore with you as you expand your legacy.


Amplifying social impact. We help private and corporate foundations, as well as individual philanthropists, to develop strategies for achieving systems-level social impact.

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We draw on deep expertise from across our global firm—in agriculture, economic development, global public health, financial inclusion, environmental sustainability, infrastructure and urban development, education, and equity—to help philanthropic organizations tackle society’s greatest challenges.

What we do

Refresh philanthropic strategies

Helping established organizations develop their overall and issue area-specific theories of change and theories of action, designing new strategies for investment portfolios, improving organizational alignment, and ensuring effective governance.

Launch new philanthropic organizations

Helping philanthropists achieve their vision by supporting the design of new philanthropic entities or projects—including foundations, limited liability companies, public-private partnerships, hosted philanthropic initiatives, and multi-donor collaborative platforms—encompassing strategy design, theory of change, and operating model.

Design major “big bets”

Developing the strategy and implementation plan for major marquee philanthropic initiatives that are deploying significant capital (from $100 million to more than $1 billion) focused on a targeted problem or issue area.

Develop corporate purpose strategies

Partnering with companies to implement strategies and initiatives that increase the social impact of their core business—and in the process, motivating employees, identifying and minimizing risk, and increasing their competitiveness.

Improve the performance of high-priority grantees

Working directly with the grantees of our foundation partners to support them in transforming their strategies, organizational models, governance models, and operations.

Launch multi-donor initiatives

Helping philanthropies partner with other donors or funders in order to amplify the scale of their impact and designing the strategies, operating models, and governance models of major philanthropic collaboratives that pool capital or facilitate strategic alignment among multiple donors.

Evaluate impact

Helping establish processes for sound measurement and evaluation, and determining impact through a clear understanding of what’s working and what’s not.

Strengthen governance

Helping philanthropic organizations strengthen their board structure, processes, and composition to ensure sound, strategic oversight

Family Office

Building a legacy takes years of savvy business decisions, calculated risks in growth, a commitment to integrity and the right business advisor. Our extensive knowledge of family offices can help you protect and grow your family’s wealth. Family office expertise includes, but is not limited to: tax planning, estate planning, accounting and administration and other financial planning.

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Our solutions

We understand how important it is to work collaboratively with families and their related entities, family members, attorneys, bankers, and other trusted advisors, all while maintaining the utmost privacy and confidentiality.

A comprehensive approach to wealth planning needs

Our team of dedicated professionals works closely with families and family offices to navigate the complexity of wealth preservation objectives. We provide an array of customized solutions that integrate our core tax, assurance and business advisory services to a particular family’s unique needs.

Tax planning

  • Multiyear projections, quarterly and year-end planning
  • Alternative minimum tax (AMT) planning
  • State and local tax
  • Global income tax planning
  • Individual, business and trust
  • Private foundations
  • Executive compensation including incentive, deferred and stock awards
  • Mergers and acquisition transactional services

Estate planning

  • Wealth transfer economic and tax analysis
  • Lifetime transfer planning
  • Testamentary transfer planning
  • Charitable giving and foundation planning
  • International wealth transfer tax planning
  • Planning for appropriate estate management and distribution
  • Planning for business owner succession
  • Dual jurisdiction international estate planning
  • Asset protection planning
  • Valuation services
  • Special needs and incapacity planning

Accounting and administration

  • Audit
  • Review
  • Compilation
  • Dispute, due diligence and risk services
  • Trust fiduciary accounting
  • Individual financial statement preparation, accounting and bookkeeping
  • Back-office services

Other financial planning services

  • Family office structuring
  • Retirement planning
  • Tax-efficient investment consulting
  • Insurance planning
  • Education funding

Ownership Transition & Exit Strategies

All businesses must transition ownership and leadership positions at some point, whether because of retirement, resignation, dismissal or other unexpected opportunities or circumstances. As a current business owner or leader, preparing for this transition is one of the most significant challenges you will face.

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Developing ownership transition and exit plans can be complex and highly sensitive issues, but it is important to start planning early to help ensure a smooth transition.

Visi Capital Indonesia helps owners and leaders of organizations across a broad range of industries strategically plan for and achieve their individual and business goals through comprehensive succession planning and exit strategies.

We start by defining long-term goals and then we work with you to develop and execute strategies to grow and sustain the business, or develop an exit and transition plan in order to pass the company down to the next generation, its employees, or sell the company to an outside party.

Our Process

  1. Assess Current State
  2. Understand Individual Goals
  3. Establish Company Goals
  4. Prepare Gap Analysis
  5. Implement a Written Plan
  6. Follow Up Assessment

Our Solutions

Our industry specialized professionals can help you with:

  • Family business succession planning
  • Generational ownership transition planning
  • Exit strategies for outside sale
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Corporate finance advisory
  • Capital sourcing

Private Client

In order to achieve your personal and financial objectives, you need a coordinated approach to your tax, estate, and financial planning needs. Our services include, but are not limited to, income tax planning, retirement planning, investment consulting, trust and estate planning, and business owner planning.

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Our solutions

Visi Capital Indonesia’s private client group works with individuals, business owners, executives, and family offices to understand their goals. We then develop and implement strategies to help them achieve those goals and minimize current and future liabilities.

Our team looks at your entire financial picture, assessing your current situation to design an action plan that identifies potential opportunities and emphasizes achievable solutions. Our services include income tax planning, retirement planning, investment consulting, trust and estate planning, and business owner planning.

As things change in your life and business, we review, monitor, and adjust your plan on an ongoing basis. This process can be as simple or as complex as your needs dictate.

Whatever your individual tax, estate, and financial planning needs, we can help you achieve your objectives and enjoy peace of mind.

Our Services

  • Family Office
  • Ownership Transition & Exit Strategies
  • Wealth Management

Our Process

  1. Assess Current State
  2. Understand Individual Goals
  3. Establish Company Goals
  4. Prepare Gap Analysis
  5. Implement a Written Plan
  6. Follow Up Assessment

Wealth Management

Your wealth is measured in more than just numbers. That’s why our wealth management advisors take the time to get to know you and your goals first.

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Individual investors and families can count on our advisors to deliver thoughtful advice in all aspects of your lives. We start by understanding your short- and long-term financial goals and building a relationship based on transparency. Then, we create and implement measures designed to protect and enhance what matters most to you.

Our Services

Success can be defined in many ways. Some clients want to achieve a certain rate of return in an investment portfolio. Others want to design a wealth transfer strategy for the next generation.

All of our wealth advisors offer a range of services fit for the most simple or complex client relationships. We work with you to make sure we are executing a customized plan to achieve your specific objectives.

Investment planning and management

Identifying the best way to manage your investments can be a challenge. We have significant expertise managing retail, institutional and retirement portfolios. Our advisors have been successful in navigating different market environments for clients. Each portfolio is tailored to your objectives and constraints considering time horizon, risk tolerance and other short- and long-term objectives.

Once we’ve created your investment plan, our advisors schedule regular meetings to review your portfolio and investment strategy.

We help clients:

  • Build investment portfolios to produce risk-adjusted returns through market cycles
  • Identify and source investment opportunities
  • Review and rebalance portfolios
  • Use data aggregation software to provide transparency

Retirement planning

Our advisors can work with you to determine how best to make your assets last throughout your retirement years. This includes determining your retirement plan withdrawal strategies and best use of social security claim tactics.

Tax-efficient investment consulting

With an intimate understanding of your goals, we can suggest strategies to minimize tax liabilities. Our advisors work directly with you and your CPA to provide tax-efficient investing advice and tax strategies.

Insurance planning and placement

We help you plan for the unexpected and evaluate how insurance should be part of that plan. Our advisors proactively revisit your insurance strategy to ensure you have the optimal policies in place. Coverage options include:

  • Annuity insurance
  • Disability insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Traditional and linked-benefit long-term care insurance

Lending advisory and placement

Having access to liquidity solutions gives you flexibility when opportunities arise. We partner with you to determine your best financing options within real estate, art, yachts and planes.

Charitable giving and philanthropy

For many, there is a desire to enhance their legacy by giving back to their community, religious organization or other charities. Our advisors can help you plan by maximizing your gift through direct giving, foundations and trusts.

Education planning and funding

Education is an integral part of many client investment strategies. Our advisors can work with you to determine the best savings plan for the educational desires of your family.

Concierge services

Do you require assistance with something that you don’t see on our service listing? Through our affiliation with Baker Tilly, we can handle anything you need, whether administrative or financial. The list below includes just a sampling of the concierge services we offer:

  • Budget analysis
  • Tax planning/compliance
  • Recordkeeping
  • Bill pays
  • Income collection
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Cash flow analysis
  • Insurance coverage
  • Medical claims
  • Major acquisitions
  • Mortgage selection
  • Payroll

Client/family first approach backed by your values

We treat clients as an extension of our families. Because of this, we are proactive, responsive and personalized. We treat you and your values ahead of your wealth and take the time to understand your priorities.


Visi Capital Indonesia Wealth Management is a fiduciary. Fiduciary responsibility means we always act in our clients’ best interest. We are legally liable, morally driven and results oriented.

Integrated experience

Our clients gain a more holistic experience through the unique collaboration with Visi Capital Indonesia private wealth specialists. Together, we provide investment advisory, tax, trust and estate planning and family office services. This holistic approach creates more opportunities to add value for every client.

Unified technology and platform

We utilize a leading investment platform for equities, fixed income and alternative investments. And, we combine this with a data aggregation and performance consolidation technology. Together, they provide high net worth families with greater capabilities and transparency to all their assets and liabilities.

Private Wealth Strategies

Visi Capital Indonesia private wealth strategies provide qualified investors with access to a diversified, private markets portfolio.

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Our strategies

We offer investors a unique opportunity to access the private markets asset class. These products leverage the size and scale of our entire platform and provide direct access to private company investments utilizing our distinct relationship and information advantages, the same that is provided to our institutional clients. Our funds are designed to provide investors with a diversified private markets portfolio through a single allocation, offering lower investment minimums, improved liquidity and immediate exposure.

Direct Credit Investments

Access to the private credit market, emphasizing current yield with an aim toward downside protection

The direct credit investment strategy is focused on the opportunity set within more senior components of a company’s capital structure, and with characteristics including contractual yield, shorter duration and capital preservation. Our goal is to provide investors with attractive, risk-adjusted returns by employing our differentiated approach to this strategy.

Direct Equity Investments

Globally diversified platform targeting the SMID (small and mid-sized) market with unique positioning

Our direct equity investment strategy leverages the benefits of the platform and market access, aiming to execute high-quality direct equity investments and construct portfolios positioned to deliver compelling returns for our investors. The strategy is primarily focused on making direct equity investments in companies with small- to mid-sized enterprise values. By diversifying our investments, we seek to minimize market risks associated with over-exposure to a single general partner, geography, industry or deal type or size. Our objective is to maximize the multiple of invested capital as well as the IRR for each of the direct equity investments.

Impact Investments

Seeking to deliver attractive returns while generating meaningful and measurable impact

We seek to make impact investments with a dual objective of generating attractive risk-adjusted returns while creating a measurable social and environmental impact. We have been developing and investing in mission-driven customized portfolio solutions for our clients, investing across the growing market opportunity and leveraging global platform, network and deal flow. Importantly, we also identify and report on impact metrics of underlying investments.

Primary Fund Investments

High-quality primary fund investments with often hard-to-access general partners

Primary fund investments offer investors the ability to gain exposure to portfolios of private markets companies. Through our deep industry relationships, robust due diligence process and selective investment approach, we seek to identify and access high-quality primary opportunities including buyout, credit, growth equity, and venture capital across various fund sizes and geographies on behalf of our clients, building portfolios according to their unique investment objectives.

Real Assets Investments

Access to primary, secondary and direct investments across infrastructure, real estate and natural resources

The Real Assets Investment Team focuses on global real asset investment opportunities that have the potential to generate consistent distribution yields and compelling risk-adjusted total returns. We remain highly selective, while seeking to deploy capital in situations in which we believe we have a competitive advantage in gaining access to and evaluating high-quality assets alongside leading general partners and operators. We believe this approach, coupled with thoughtful and deliberate portfolio construction, provides our clients with diversified and well-managed exposure to global real assets.

Secondary Investments

A shorter duration complements to an overall private market portfolio

The secondary market has been an attractive place for investors to deploy capital as demonstrated by the growth in both transactions and fundraising. As this market has become increasingly mature and sophisticated, transaction structures have grown more complex. We believe today’s market conditions, characterized by the global growth of private markets and more active management of private market allocations, lend themselves to the strengths of Visi Capital Indonesia’s differentiated approach. With our experience in this market, we remain focused on finding value in more complex and innovative secondary opportunities.

Our goal is to provide investors with significant capital appreciation by delivering attractive risk-adjusted returns. Through our unique approach and competitive positioning, we have implemented this strategy by focusing on:

  • Quality, mature assets
  • Partnering with quality general partners
  • Flexibility and expertise across the spectrum of secondary investments
  • J-curve mitigation and cash yield

Venture Capital & Growth Equity Investments

Seeking to access top-tier venture and growth equity companies through funds, secondaries and direct investments

Visi Capital Indonesia’s venture and growth equity strategy focuses on concentrating capital into what we believe to be best-in-class, high-growth companies. We do this through fund investments with venture and growth managers, direct investments and solution-oriented secondaries. We leverage our long-standing relationships to gain access to what we have determined to be the most attractive opportunities at ideal stages and through efficient structures. This strategy is designed to produce an asymmetric return profile that limits losses, while capturing the attractive upside that venture and growth equity investments can provide.

  • Less correlation to other strategies due to greater sensitivity to innovation cycle as opposed to financial markets
  • Seeks an attractive risk/return profile driven by limited use of leverage and potential for outsized returns
  • Provides a counterbalance to the disruption of incumbents from high growth, tech-enabled businesses
  • Potential for high multiple contribution from long-term, compounding growth
  • Investing alongside experienced, best-in-class general partners operating in their areas of expertise
  • Focusing on transactions with Visi Capital Indonesia information and/or access advantages
  • Prioritizing transaction structures designed to offer enhanced downside protection
  • Emphasizing asset quality by targeting defensible, market-leading assets

ESG and Sustainable Investing

Making decisions with greater purpose helps the world become a better place. How will you invest with greater purpose? More and more people are turning to sustainable investing – a process that applies environmental, social and governance (ESG) data to your investment portfolio.

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This type of investing isn’t new – sustainable investing assets have skyrocketed in recent years. According to Bloomberg, sustainable investing funds in Global ESG assets may surpass $41 trillion by 2022 and $50 trillion by 2025, one-third of the projected total assets under management globally, according to a new report by Bloomberg Intelligence (BI). As companies continue to innovate and strive for positive impacts, sustainable investing opportunities continue to increase.

Like many of our clients, Visi Capital Indonesia Wealth Management focuses on community involvement, diversity and inclusion and environmental responsibility to support both current and future generations. To help you create a positive social and environmental impact, we offer a broad range of solutions designed to align with your values and financial goals.

Sustainable investing

We’ll help you invest with purpose and apply sustainable investing approaches to your wealth plan. When evaluating investments from a sustainability perspective, we use a framework to determine if an investment is truly designed to meet the expectations of a sustainable investment.

Our framework is based on three key principles: avoiding harm and mitigating risk, business practices and contributing to solutions.

Our worldwide team also performs due diligence to make sure the investments we offer meet established criteria.

Avoiding harm and mitigating risk

An understanding of the ESG risks different sectors and companies are exposed to can be incorporated into your investment decisions. You can look at various ESG metrics to achieve this, including those related to:

Environmental concerns: Climate change, natural resources conservation, pollution and waste management, and water scarcity

Social issues: Corporate philanthropy, community and government relations, workplace health and safety, human rights and diversity

Governance topics: Accounting practices, board accountability and structure, disclosure practices, executive compensation, corporate ethics, regulatory compliance and transparency.

Business practices

Seek out companies that cultivate good business practices, corporate behaviour and citizenship records.

Companies which generate positive outcomes for their stakeholders are more likely to experience growth and capital appreciation in the long-term. In other words, companies that prioritise stakeholders through environmental, social and governance issues generate superior long-term financial performance across a range of metrics – including sales growth, return on equity, return on invested capital and value generation, in comparison to peers who do not integrate ESG issues into their strategy.

Socially responsible investing

You may also use ESG data to create or withdraw support for companies and sectors that do or don’t align with your personal values. This involves both negative and positive screening of companies, industries or sectors to eliminate or select investments.

Negative screening

  • No Tobacco
  • No Alcohol
  • No Weapons

Positive screening

  • Social housing
  • Renewable energy
  • Human rights

Contribute to solutions

Assess the extent to which a given investment generates one or more significant positive outcomes for the planet, society or individuals. We look to support social or environmental issues with the expectation of achieving measurable results rather than profits alone.

Invest with a greater purpose

Visi Capital Indonesia Wealth Management can help you integrate sustainable investing into your portfolio.