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Brand Aggregator

We buy and grow high potential businesses in Asia.

Small Medium Enterprise (SME)

Our mission is to help companies grow online, scale operations and become great brands. For those of you who are SME owners who sell products digitally / online, whether it is to cash out or find a partner, we are here to help. We are a team of operators, not just financiers. We know how hard it is to build a business because we ourselves have run businesses to both success and failure. Our experience and expertise will help you solve the toughest problems.

Grow your brand

What We Care About

Enabling Founders

We are here to serve founders; whether as a partner in their business or as a means of finding exit.

Fostering a Community

We want to create an amazing community of founders, talents and small businesses. Life is better together.

Creating Great Brands

We want to build the next Starbucks, the next Tesla. Not those businesses exactly, but the type of consumer love.

Our Operations DNA

A small business on its own may find it difficult and expensive to recruit world class talent. Together, as a portfolio of many small businesses, it makes financial sense and gives talent a bigger platform to work with.

We have teams ready to help companies scale in the following areas: digital marketing, marketplace, branding, content, logistics, supply chain, retail, customer service, cross sell, data, talent, finance, legal and taxes.

Why Partner with Us?

Fast and simple process

You get a “yes or no” decision in just one week and a completed transaction within two months.

Flexible acquisition model

You can sell 51% or 100% of the business and we prefer if you stay as CEO.

Best-in-class ops teams

We provide direct operations support in areas you need help with.

What is Our Process?

Acquisitions are completed in just 2 months.

  • 1 minute: Fill out the contact form and we will respond to you within 24 hours to arrange a video call.
  • 1 week: Receive a “yes or no” decision; and if yes, a signed Letter of Intent.
  • 6 weeks of due diligence: This is to double check the financials and legal aspects.
  • 2 weeks of closing: We sign agreements, complete hand over and transfer money.

What Do We Look For?


Each business must be big enough. While there are exceptions, your business should be generating at least $200,000 annual revenue (not GMV).


Positive margins tell us that customers value your product. If you sell products at a loss, then you are not right for us.


We prefer businesses that have seen rapid growth. It shows that you are doing something right, and our goal will be to amplify that growth.


We want businesses that are best in their category. Is it a unique product, powerful brand, low cost sourcing? We love businesses that are easy to understand.

What Are Good Reasons To Sell?

  • You feel alone and want an operating partner.
  • Shareholders want to exit; we can buy their shares.
  • Life happens, you need money.
  • Business needs more to level up.